About Teresa

TeresaI’m a lifelong lover of cooking and baking, and a perpetual busy woman, which is why I’m always looking for – and often discovering – ways to achieve the sublime while minimizing the hassle.I hate seeing busy people do things the hard way. Even worse is when they don’t bother eating well because they think it’s too difficult or expensive. There’s a lot of good, wholesome food that’s neither. There are also things that are worth some extra effort, but not a half day in the kitchen; if there’s a way to simplify them, I want to find it.

My Family - 1971I grew up in Southern California as the oldest of six children in a somewhat insane family, and was cooking by the age of seven. I became adept at making something out of nothing, since the cupboard contents were usually…odd. After moving to the Atlanta area in the late 80′s, I orchestrated a series of life situations in which I would obligate myself to too much, with too few resources to help accomplish it.

Really, nothing’s changed. I’ve just become more experienced at finding ways to enjoy as much as possible with as little effort as possible. Basically, a slacker (but a cultured slacker!). I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others, encouraging uptight foodies to relax a little, and hardcore slackers to get off the couch and into the kitchen. It’s worth it – I promise.

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